About Us

We are GreySignal.


We’re wiping out retail box software.




We were born 2010 in Pittsburgh PA.



We’ve had one unplanned outage since birth totaling less than five minutes.



GreySignal has data operations in twenty six locations across the globe that reach even our farthest customers.

Who We Are

Founded in 2010, GreySignal set out first as a small team of developers. Since then, GreySignal has grown into a fully fledged software engineering team, capable of understanding customer problems and redefining workflows to give our customers the edge they need to stay ahead. Building custom applications for growing businesses is our niché and showing others what is possible with software is our passion. There is nothing we can’t do and we enjoy showing that each and everyday to our customers.

We’re the name you’ll see used by hospitals, government bodies, schools, and more. Our software is fast, secure, and helps these organizations meet compliancy goals without sacrificing efficiency or important internal processes. We privately own our data centers, do not sub contract, and hand craft everything in house. Data centers are overseen by a GreySignal developed state-of-the-art monitoring system that enables our team to simply look up at a TV to see real time statuses of our most important platforms.



Our Beliefs

Be Your Own Customer

Most of the software in our offices you’ll see was developed in house, from our CRM, our billing system, partner portal, data operations portals, and more. Our entire business relies on the same platform and tools our customers pay us for. To that end, we build products and design experiences we want for ourselves.

Empower The Customer

GreySignal believes in the power of the individual to do great things with their own data. This is what our products enables and our marketing celebrates.

Seek Happiness

We pursue delight in all areas of the company. Well-engineered products, beautifully designed interfaces, and world-class customer service are all essential in creating a human connection between people and our company.

Good Work Takes Time

We pursue long term ideas without fear and only release our products when we feel they meet our standards. We do not react to market pressures, but instead respect the creative process and everything else that goes into producing great work.

Keep It Simple Stupid

We think that it is important to eliminate all that is not necessary in everything we do.