GreySignal Harvester

GreySignal Harvester™


We can import data from just about anything.





Switching to GreySignal is easy. Let us harvest data out of your old application and import it.

Are you using old retail-box software? We can typically harvest data from just about any competitors application.

What is Harvester?

GreySignal Harvester is a service from GreySignal that allows us to import data from just about any retail-box software, competitors software, or other non-standard software. Harvester can work many different ways, but typically hooks into the applications database and extracts the data in way that is understandable to GreySignal software. Once the data has been extracted, we are able to import it, and you won’t have to manually enter any data from legacy systems.


How much does Harvester cost?

Typically Harvester is a free service provided at the time of application development. Harvester is brought into the picture very early on, and requires full administrative access to any applications you wish to import data from.

Using Harvester after development has ended may incur additional charges.