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Goodbye paper charts.


HIPAA compliant, ultra intuitive medical software.





Our healthcare solutions will help your organization stay effienct and complaint.

Customers come to us to take care of a wide range of tasks within their practice. Here’s some examples of our latest projects.


Instant Search

Doctors want fast, instant access to medical records. We heard them, and it’s built into all of our applications. Find anything you need on the entire application simply by using the easy to find search. It’s fast, and kind of fun to use.



Employee Tracking

Keep track of all of your doctors, CNAs, LPNs, and more. Store demographical information, call offs, vacation days, hours, and more.



Inventory Logging

Practices may ask for us to build an inventory application to keep track and automatically order new parts, items, and office supplies. We’ll automatically notify their vendors they need an order, control costs, run reports, and more.


Secure File Storage

Any size halthcare needs a secure storage location for their data. We provide an enterprise-grade, HIPAA compliant product called GreyVault. Learn more here.



Billing Software

Practices may request us build a custom financial application to keep track of receivables, payables, and more. We’ll create custom reports, custom fields, and enable many state-of-the-art features.



(Nothing Fit?)

Don’t see your idea here? Contact us and lets talk about what exactly your practice needs created. Everything is a la carte, so feel free to be picky.

Data protection is serious. We’ve got all the right protections in place.


GreySignal protects your data using the very best technical safeguards.


GreyStats coming 2016