GreySignal Heartbeat

GreySignal Heartbeat™


Your app reacts in real time, even when you can’t.





The world operates in real-time. So should your software.

GreySignal’s proprietary Heartbeat™ artifical intelligence technology gives your app the ability to think on it’s own.

What is GreySignal Heartbeat™?

Heartbeat artifical intelligence technology is GreySignal-designed software that is proprietary to GreySignal applications. Heartbeat simply gives your application the ability to take care of tasks on off-hours, when you are sleeping, or simply when you cannot get to the computer.

Heartbeat works by analyzing your daily behavior, creating a workflow and asking your permission to start helping you during the day. For example, heartbeat can help you through monotonous tasks of sending employees reminders everyday to do certain tasks within the application. Heartbeat can also recognize and learn when you do tasks and perform them for you without touching anything.

If you have a company calendar built into a GreySignal application, Heartbeat can automatically send notifications based upon the type of event, such as sending an employee vacation paperwork if they didn’t turn it in yet based on how close the day is. Heartbeat can also take care of managerial tasks in your healthcare facility, by automatically deleting records that are of age to be deleted, sending patient reminders, and more.

Unlike other applications on the market, when something is changed from one user account, Heartbeat will react in real-time and change it for everyone without reloading their page. Heartbeat AI is still a growing system and we’re always adding new abilities to its operations.


Do I have Heartbeat enabled on my application?

Heartbeat may not be enabled on older applications (early 2012) due to the construction of the software. New customers will have the ability to add Heartbeat to their application during the development process. Post-design of your application will require additional setup in order for Heartbeat to be enabled. Contact us to get more information.


Can I perform my own tasks with Heartbeat?

Heartbeat is an artificial intelligence, and automatically analyzes and learns your behaviors on GreySignal. The more you do and interact with the system, the more Heartbeat can help you and start performing automated tasks.


Can I try Heartbeat before I buy?

Depending on the type of application, we can enable Heartbeat for a trial period if you wish.


How much does Heartbeat cost?

Heartbeat’s price is dependent upon how your app is configured, how many instances you are running from our platform, and other factors. We suggest to contact us with your questions to obtain a quote on enabling the Heartbeat service.