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We digitalize all of this.


Safe, secure, and easy to access data storage.





We’ll build software that fits your business like a glove.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to conform your business around software, it should conform around you. Here’s some examples to get you started.


CRM Software

Customers may wish to have their own customer relationship management (CRM) application to integrate into their other applications. We’ll build an application that has the exact field names, integrations and other aspects that they need.



Employee Tracking

We’re able to implement an employee tracking system directly into your application. Track demographics, call offs, vacation days, hours, and more.



Inventory Software

Retail customers may ask for us to build an inventory application to keep track and automatically order new parts, items, and office supplies. We’ll automatically notify their vendors they need an order, control costs, run reports, and more.


Secure File Storage

Any size business should have a secure storage location for their data. We provide an enterprise-grade product called GreyVault. Learn more here.



Billing Software

Customers may request us build a custom financial application to keep track of receivables, payables, and more. We’ll create custom reports, custom fields, and enable many state-of-the-art features.



(Nothing Fit?)

Don’t see your idea here? Contact us and lets talk about what exactly your company needs created. Everything is a la carte, so feel free to be picky.

Ready to upgrade to an intuitive experience?

Say goodbye to the old DOS-like interface you are used to. We’ll not only upgrade your software’s abilities, but give it a gorgeous makeover.

How does custom software design work?


Spark an Idea

We’ll help you grasp your head around how our software platform works, how we can drastically improve your workflow, and increase productivity. There are endless possibilities to what we are able to accomplish with our software.


Design & Develop

We will take your ideas, start designing some sketches and begin development. Our engineers will work closely with your management team to create the perfect end product for your business.


White Glove Deployment

Our team is ready to help you deploy our software in your business. We’ll hand design documentation, presentation and training videos for your employees to review and keep on hand.

What’s possible with our software

Powerful Analytics

Powerful Analytics

You’ll be able to see who logged into your application, at exactly what time, day, and more. Download logs and keep them at your facility for extra safe keeping.

Role Based Permissions

Role Based Permissions

Disallow certain employees access to add, edit, or delete certain files, data, and more. We provide the framework for creating a perfectly secure file ecosystem.

Browser Support

Browser Support

We support all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and even Internet Explorer.



Communicate internally within your app, keeping all chat conversations in a safe place that you may also download and keep at your facility for extra safe keeping.

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

Access your application from your mobile device. Our software works on any internet enabled device with an internet browser.

Secure & Encrypted

Secure & Encrypted

We operate on an SSL secured, 256-bit AES encrypted file system, with all transmission secured via TLS. Your data is safe with us.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Our sales and support teams are ready to answer all of your questions and provide technical support. You’ll love working with us!

Automate Workflows

Automate Workflows

Our software will allow you to automate your workflow, giving more productivity to those who matter – your employees.

Work from anywhere at anytime with GreySignal.

99.999% Guaranteed Uptime

95k Files Served Monthly



Your work goes with you. Standard.

Our software allows you to take all of your work with you anywhere at anytime. Once we port everything over to our platform, we’ll ensure everything is saved, backed up and secured. Log into your application from any device with an internet browser and enjoy the benefit of our hosted software.

GreySignal’s applications allow you to take your work with you, and we mean ALL of your work. The more you store with us in our secure cloud, the more you have access to mobily. Enjoy piece of mind by letting us take care of the security, redundancy, and safety of your data. We’ll allow you to focus more of what matters to you – your business.

What our clients say about us

  • As an administrator of a 17 story healthcare facility in the busy city of manhattan, GreySignal understands that we cannot have any down time. I chose GreyVault as our backup software because it's built for our industry and is fast and reliable. We are able to affordably store all of our medical files and company files offsite thanks to GreySignal!
    Moshe BlonderAdministrator, The Riverside
  • I’m very happy with the backup services I receive from GreyVault. Once I understood how GreyVault is superior to the other backup services that are available in the marketplace, it made good business sense to go with GreyVault. If something ever happened, the retrieval process would be exponentially quicker and more thorough with GreyVault, and that is time I need to make sure my business is up and running instead of trying to retrieve files. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.
    Heath DevoreHeath DevorePresident, Image One Uniforms
  • As the owner and sole practitioner of my own law firm since 1989, I have a lot of files to keep private, data to back up, and clients' secrets to protect.  I trust GreyVault to keep my law practice safe. Their support is fast and their staff is user-friendly.  And finally, most helpful for a small company like mine is the fact that GreyVault's prices are extremely affordable.
    Jeffrey PollockJeffrey PollockJeffrey Lawrence Pollock, Esq.
  • When we were looking for a company to take care of our software and IT needs, GreySignal stood out among the rest.  GreySignal is quick to respond and find a solution when we have computer issues.  The employees are very friendly and competent in their knowledge to the service and software needs for our business.
    Jackie O’DonnellMcCalister Law Office

Sound Interesting?

Learn more about our design process, infrastructure, and data storage policies. We think you’ll be pleased with the power of our software.