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Email built for the enterprise.

GreyMail was built from the ground up to protect your corporate information.



A one stop solution for powerful email and collaboration.

A company email server isn’t cheap nor easy to manage, neither is figuring out how to protect your company information from leaving through it. GreyMail is the first full-featured email system that brings together tools that you need to protect your confidential information and still keep a clean, intuitive interface. No additional services required, nothing to remember, just a great and clean service.

  • ActiveSync technology
  • Data Leak Prevention (DLP)
  • End-to-end encryption
  • Intuitive, clean interface
  • Hardened cryptography
  • Cloud stored email
  • Import from any mail service
  • DKIM/SPF validation
  • RBL/DNSBL Checks
  • Fully encrypted email**
  • Virus scanning engines
  • Spam scanning engines
  • Daily backups of mail
  • Local backup options
  • Compatible with Outlook
  • Compatible with Thunderbird
  • Compatible with Android
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPad
  • Compatible with Blackberry
  • Compatible with Windows Phone
  • and more!

Built GreySignal safe.

GreyMail is built from the ground up with security as first priority. Experience our hardened cryptography and highly tuned platform.

Data Leak Prevention & Message Encryption

GreyMail provides the ultimate in security and options. With built in Data Leak Prevention (DLP) technology and Email Message Encryption (EME), your organization can ensure no information bypasses the radar. To cope with compliancy requirements, GreyMail’s EME technology allows organizations to stay compliant with the latest message security trends.

High Availability

GreyMail is built on a high availability platform that not only provides multi-server performance, but unparalleled uptime.

Data Leak Prevention

Tell us what information or files you don’t want to leave your network, and we’ll do our best to protect it.

Cloud & Local Backups

GreyMail backs up to our cloud daily, but you have the option to take local backups if you wish.

Unparalleled Support

Doesn’t sound real? Believe it. Our customer support staff is ready to handle your issue immediately. There’s hardly ever a wait to talk to someone so go ahead and ask for help!

Why we created GreyMail™.

Your email is precious, it needs to be functional, available, and clean. Meet GreyMail. We host GreyMail on a state-of-the-art high availability infrastructure, typically reserved for internet giants, ISPs, and the big players. GreyMail downsizes the cost while keeping the platform, equalling a super fast, high availability email service. Here’s some of the reasons why we think you’ll love our service.

  • Highly intuitive interface built for even the most simplistic users
  • Multiple backup systems in place to ensure your mail is always available
  • End-to-end encryption with mail authentication*
  • Award winning virus/spam scanning engines
  • Zero ads, no mail snooping, complete privacy
  • 24/7/365 support at your fingertips


Archive everything effortlessly.

GreyMail can archive all of your email for up to ten years. Forget about the extra devices you have taking space up in your rack. GreyMail’s archiving component works effortless with our primary mail transporter so ensure every piece of mail is accounted for. Best of all, you don’t have to lay a finger on it ever.



Don’t leave your old mail behind.

Don’t start fresh if you don’t have to. We’ll help with importing all of your users mail.


Sync everything with built in ActiveSync support.

GreyMail provides full ActiveSync capabilities for the modern day office. With ActiveSync, your mobile devices can have real time synchronization of email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes. Syncing is as easy as selecting Exchange on your ActiveSync-capable device and inputting your information. Any changes made on your phone or GreyMail is instantly synced across all devices you have connected to your account.

GreyMail Enterprise: for truly complete control.

GreyMail Enterprise has a highly intelligent data leak prevention component baked right in. Data Leak Prevention (DLP) can prevent any user on GreyMail from sending your confidential documents, spreadsheets, files, or general information. DLP can deny users from sending patient health information (PHI), and general information that just shouldn’t leave your company.

Sending an encrypted message on GreyMail is more than SSL and TLS. Any message that a user wishes to encrypt on GreyMail will get encapsulated into a secure PDF and stored on our systems, while simply sending a link to the recipient. The recipient never received a copy of the message and the email does not reside on their servers.

Zero Management

Stop managing email servers, let us do the work for you. We take care of patches, upgrades, and the physical hardware required to run the server.

High Availability

Access GreyMail on any internet enabled device including Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone.

Secure Platform

GreyMail transports mail over hardened crypto cypher linux systems, making it an extremely secure platform at the core.

No Ads

GreyMail doesn’t read or scan your emails. What’s yours is yours. We don’t serve ads on our platform.

GreyMail VIP

GreyMail VIP Services expertly migrate all of mail from your old email system to GreyMail, provide full cut over management, and either projector-style or individual training with users. Start working with GreySignal, a company who cares about you.

GreyMail VIP services gives us complete control over the mail system cut over process, allowing us to provide zero downtime to your users. Our experts will analyze your current infrastructure, determine a cut over plan, migrate all of your users old mail, and provide training to all users with plenty of documentation.

Choose a plan that’s right for you.


Experience GreyMail at your small business today. Simple mailboxes with standard features for ten total mailboxes or less.

  • 100MB Mailbox
  • 10MB Attachments
  • POP/IMAP Compatibility
  • Standard Virus/Spam Scanning
  • SPF Mail Authentication

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Standard GreyMail for users who have minimal mail requirements. Great for users who do not need encrypted mail or robust virus scanning and archiving.

  • 5GB Mailbox
  • 10MB Attachments
  • POP/IMAP Compatibility
  • Standard Virus/Spam Scanning
  • SPF Mail Authentication

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A great business class email solution designed for the modern day office.

  • 10GB Mailbox
  • ActiveSync with Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks
  • 100MB Attachments
  • POP/IMAP Compatibility
  • Standard Virus/Spam Scanning
  • SPF Mail Authentication

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Users who need advanced encryption, archiving, and premium protection. GreyMail Enterprise is a one-stop solution for email compliance, extreme mobility, and collaboration.

  • Starts at 25GB Mailbox
  • ActiveSync with Calendar, Contacts, Notes and Tasks
  • Two step authentication and security controls
  • Shared Calendars, resource booking, and more
  • File management – store your files in your account
  • Account Delegation
  • No Ads – We don’t read your mail
  • Up to 200MB Attachments
  • POP/IMAP Compatibility
  • Premium Virus/Spam Scanning
  • DKIM/SPF Mail Authentication
  • Email Message Encryption
  • Data Leak Prevention
  • Up to 10 Year Archiving

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