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24/7 solutions with cost control baked in.





You require the upmost level of care, security, and support.

GreySignal understands government responsibilities and can effectively monitor and proactively support networks ensuring unparalleled uptime on a budget.


24/7 IT Support

Customers who have an around-the-clock business need specialized service. Our Help Desk solutions allows our IT technicians to provide remote IT support to your entire business, no matter where they are, in the office or not.



Ticket Approval System

Control your costs heavily with our ticket approval option. All support tickets will be forwarded to a member of your management team to be approved or denied before our agents handle the IT request.



Proactive Network Monitors

We’ve handbuilt specialized network monitors to sit and watch over your critical systems around the clock ensuring that we know about the problem before you do. This coupled with our dispatch process ensures someone is already on their way as you call into our help desk.


Service Level Agreement

Each customer has a SLA, which ensures your IT support tickets are completed by a certain time. Our agents works hard to ensure we meet our SLA guidelines everyday.



Simple Billing

Simply purchase a block of hours and we’ll pull from your hour pool as we complete tickets. Combine this with our ticket approval system, and you have a firm grip on your costs!



(Need more?)

Don’t see a requirement here? Contact us and lets talk about what exactly your company needs created. Everything is a la carte, so feel free to be picky.

We’ve got all the right protection already in place.

GreySignal’s datacenters are protected by the Department of Homeland Security TSP program. The Telecommunications Service Priority (TSP) is a program that authorizes national security and emergency preparedness (NS/EP) organizations to receive priority treatment for vital voice and data circuits or other telecommunications services. The TSP program provides service vendors a Federal Communications Commission mandate to prioritize requests by identifying those services critical to NS/EP. A TSP assignment ensures that it will receive priority attention by the service vendor before any non-TSP service.

GreySignal Compliancy

What our clients say about us

  • As the owner and sole practitioner of my own law firm since 1989, I have a lot of files to keep private, data to back up, and clients' secrets to protect.  I trust GreyVault to keep my law practice safe. Their support is fast and their staff is user-friendly.  And finally, most helpful for a small company like mine is the fact that GreyVault's prices are extremely affordable.
    Jeffrey PollockJeffrey PollockJeffrey Lawrence Pollock, Esq.
  • As an administrator of a 17 story healthcare facility in the busy city of manhattan, GreySignal understands that we cannot have any down time. I chose GreyVault as our backup software because it's built for our industry and is fast and reliable. We are able to affordably store all of our medical files and company files offsite thanks to GreySignal!
    Moshe BlonderAdministrator, The Riverside
  • When we were looking for a company to take care of our software and IT needs, GreySignal stood out among the rest.  GreySignal is quick to respond and find a solution when we have computer issues.  The employees are very friendly and competent in their knowledge to the service and software needs for our business.
    Jackie O’DonnellMcCalister Law Office
  • I’m very happy with the backup services I receive from GreyVault. Once I understood how GreyVault is superior to the other backup services that are available in the marketplace, it made good business sense to go with GreyVault. If something ever happened, the retrieval process would be exponentially quicker and more thorough with GreyVault, and that is time I need to make sure my business is up and running instead of trying to retrieve files. You can’t put a price on peace of mind.
    Heath DevoreHeath DevorePresident, Image One Uniforms