What we mean by “custom software”

What we mean by “custom software”

Many customers ask us “what’s custom software really mean?” We have been building custom software for three years, building a lot of sophisticated, advanced applications that many of you will never see, simply because you never asked for it! Here’s the breakdown, without the fancy words.

Software you use in your everyday business, such as Quickbooks, Salesforce, are all great pieces of software. Most software provides confusing error messages, hard to obtain support, and usually costs a fortune to get updates, let alone have someone install them for you. Our philosophy is much different.

How do we differ from software you can just “go and purchase”? We build everything from scratch for each and every customer. Our applications are tuned exactly to the customers needs. While lets say, Salesforce, does everything you want it to do as far as client demographics, it may not have a feature you want, doesn’t take care of an extra step in your workflow, and more. We take great care and time to ensure our software fits your business like a glove. Here’s a brief explanation how we do it:


Step 1 – Understand our customer

Typically, a customer comes to us with a problem they are facing – whether it’s not being able to keep track of all of their call offs, tracking their clients demographics (without paying extreme prices to our competitors), or even going paperless. We’ll set up a meeting or web conference with the management team, get a grip around their problem, workflows, and more. Once we have an understanding how the customers’ workflows operate, we create a new workflow, but this one is digitized.

Step 2 – Provide something others can’t

Once we present our workflow suggestion, we’ll collaborate, come up with a workable solution, and create something out of it. Next, we’ll sketch up some interface designs, and begin development. Depending on the size of the project, development time can range from a few weeks to a few months. Remember, even when the project is complete, we can still add more features down the road. (See step 4)

Step 3 – Help you deploy our software in your environment

We understand that you didn’t build the software and probably can’t answer most of the questions you’ll probably get asked. Our staff will create documents and training materials for your organization, and sometimes we’ll even travel to your location and help get things set up.


Our software missing something you need in a few years?

No problem – we have the ability to build on any piece of software on our platform. Since we host everything in our cloud, we’re able to have our development team create new modules, automations, and more. Basically if we build you a customer relationship management app, and down the road you need it to do billing, we’re able to build that right in.

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