Choosing The Right Web Host

Choosing The Right Web Host

Choosing the right web host can be confusing and expensive.

So you’re a business owner, who has your website (if you even have one) hosted somewhere with some company that your buddy said go with. It costs you a few bucks to have it hosted, and everything is great, right? Let’s take a look at what you did wrong, and what you might want to reconsider.

Web hosting is much more than just throwing your website up and spending a few bucks a month to have it up. Consider this: If you are at all interested in Search Engine Optimization(SEO) then if you are spending less than $10/month for hosting, you’re sacrificing your Google Ranking, a lot.


Why slow websites are bad.

Modern search engines have started lowering rankings of the sites that are slower. (nobody wants to go to a slow website, right?) So basically the faster the site, the better. Here’s the logic behind that.

When you start typing a website into your browser window, such as – your browser looks up the corresponding IP address (via DNS resolution) and then starts to request items from that server who’s delivering your content. Typically, most large web hosts have clustered, overloaded servers that host over ten thousand websites on one node. This not only makes your site load slower, but also will affect your ranking since one of the other ten thousand sites may be considering spamming, and both of your sites sit on the same IP address.

Many large web hosts give their nodes as much computing resources as the computer to the left. (next to nothing!) Most of the time, if you call your web host and ask the allotted resources you have, they won’t even tell you. The amount of resources your web hosts give your website to work with equals the speed of the site (in most cases). All websites will usually get hit with botnets and DoS attacks, which are specifically designed to overload your server, and make it impossible for your customers to get to your website. Our security technology successfully stops botnets and DoS attacks on any site in our network.

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