Slow Websites Affects Your Customers

Slow Websites Affects Your Customers

Your website loads very slowly on your customers computers.

Chances are that if you are hosting with a company that’s a big name, your site resides on the west coast somewhere, or down south. This makes that initial web request even slower since the request needs to travel across the country. Let’s take a look:

A recent client in Pittsburgh, PA recently switched from their web host to us. Previous to getting switched to our servers, here’s how many hops it took for their customers to load their website. The green hops are considered fast, red slow, and purple extremely slow.

The client’s customer base is located in Pittsburgh, PA – so the main audience they need to attract is in the Pittsburgh Region. For customers to load their website, seven hops were required, and information needed to be loaded all the way from California, with many un-needed stops across the country. Notice how the routes go from one end of the country to the other. This all affects your website speed and creates angry customers.

After Moving To Our Hosting

Once the customer moved to our servers for their web hosting, we provided them with a Business-level hosting plan, which included Railgun, our content-delivery and web optimization technology. We re-tested their website, and here’s what we came up with.

The customer’s website now only makes a few hops, all within the area. While ISP’s have many hubs that traffic must route through, we still minimized the amount of requests. Also, note how each of the hops corresponding colors are green, which means the connection is fast.

How We Measure Up

A web host should be local to you and your customer base, allowing the shortest distance between your web host and your customers. We have points-of-presence across the globe, which allow for intelligent DNS and TCP routing. If you are a customer from Washington, Washington, we’ll serve up your website from our Seattle datacenter, automatically. If you are a customer from Texas, we’ll serve content from our Dallas datacenter, and so on. Basically, whichever location you are closest to, we’ll serve your website from. We have over 27 locations across the globe.

Our servers are best in breed, custom built, and utilize the newest technology available. We work with many partners to give your website that extra edge, including our powerful Railgun technology. All business-level hosting customers and above get this technology included, which accelerates even those most advanced websites and web applications at blazing speeds. Railgun will increase your site performance on average of 730%.

Our Security & Firewall Technology

Most people don’t know what kind of security we actually offer – so here’s a quick and dirty run-down. GreySignal sits behind a proactive multi-layer intelligent firewall, which protects our entire infrastructure. Our security systems protects against ModSecurity and OWASP vulnerabilities, custom rule sets, and our own blend of protection rules. Since we first invested in our more advanced firewalls, we’re successfully stopping over 50,000 attacks per day, sometimes just on a single website. That’s a big number, and that number sometimes jumps to 100,000 depending on the day and how popular the site is that we’re hosting. Our systems are intelligent, and learn about new attacks very fast. If traffic to one of our nodes increases very fast we’ll automatically analyze the traffic and block the bad visitors without your customers even feeling a thing.

Want To Make The Move?

We’ll help you move your website to our hosting, and ensure all of the security features are enabled, and your site gets served as fast as possible. Check out our hosting packages and let us know which one you’re interested in.

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